Houston Stucco

Houston Stucco specializes in residential and commercial stucco applications and repairs. With over twenty years of stucco experience in and around Houston, Texas, we have the expertise to handle any stucco project. Whether you’re building a new home, adding a room addition, remodeling, or your home’s existing stucco is showing its age, we are Houston’s stucco experts! No stucco project is beyond our capabilities!

Stucco Materials
Like most building materials, stucco materials vary in terms of quality, characteristics, and style. We work closely with all of our Houston stucco clients to ensure that the appropriate materials are used. Among the many factors we take into consideration are:
  • Budget
  • Durability
  • Color
  • Homeowner’s association requirements
  • Local ordinances
  • Overall quality

Stucco Craftsmanship
In addition to the stucco materials used, the application of the stucco plays a crucial role in its long term durability. We employ Houston’s finest stucco workers and continuously stay atop all of the latest design and application trends. In addition, if the stucco project is part of a remodel or repair, our craftsmen apply their knowledge and skills to ensure a near seamless transition from the old stucco to the new.

Stucco Repairs
Stucco, like plaster, brick, and other siding materials can become cracked or damaged over time. Settling soil, foundation problems, exposure to the elements, and other factors take their toll on stucco. Count on the Houston stucco experts to assess the damage, address the underlying cause, and repair your stucco.

We offer free stucco estimates and our promise of complete satisfaction!